Over-The-Air-Testing (OTA) Testing

OTA certification testing to ensure the accurate, repeatable, and uniform testing of Mobile Stations and Modular Devices. Certification testing to meet industry, carrier and/or CTIA standards.

  • Total Radiated Power (TRP)
  • Over-the-air measurements are performed by measuring the radiated transmit power at various locations surrounding the device to produce a spatially distributed three-dimensional characterization of the transmit performance of the EUT.

  • Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS)
  • Sensitivity measurements are performed by determining the minimum forward-link power to maintain a specific error rate (FER, BER, BLER, PER, etc., depending on the air interface) at each measured location on the sphere in accordance with applicable industry standards.

  • GPS and aGPS Position Location Accuracy and Sensitivity
  • Testing is performed to determine the wireless devices ability to obtain GPS and aGPS signals. Conducted measurements are performed in addition to radiated OTA testing to measure the carrier-to-noise ratios along points of the major axis of the EUT. Testing is performed to determine the accuracy performance of the carrier network and the wireless test device as a system.

  • CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance
  • Carrier Specific Test Plans
  • Engineering Antenna Performance